Back Roads: How Towing Services Can Be A Lifesaver

Back Roads: How Towing Services Can Be A Lifesaver

Bushfire Evacuations: What Do You Do If Your Car Breaks Down While Evacuating?

Brittany Howell

A Perth woman had the unfortunate experience of breaking down on a detour route that was in place because of bush fires. While she was not in any danger, it does raise the question of whether you would know what to do if your car broke down while you were evacuating from bushfire danger. Australia has had bushfires that have burned thousands of hectares at a time, so it is important you know how to deal with all aspects of bushfire danger, including evacuations.

Stay With Your Car

While your panic levels may be telling you to abandon the car and run when it breaks down during an evacuation, this is not a wise decision. Your car can provide you with protection from flying embers, ambient heat, and suffocating smoke that may be in the area.

Instead, use your cell phone to call for help. If you are in immediate danger, you should call 000. If you are not, call your state's roadside assistance. If you are not currently a member, you can sign up over the phone, and they will arrange for a towing service for you.

Alert Other Drivers Of Your Breakdown

While the perfect option is to wait with your car until help arrives, an approaching bushfire may not make this an appropriate choice. In this event, you will need the help of another driver to escape from the area. You can alert approaching drivers of your need for help in a number of different ways:

  1. Turn on the hazard lights of your vehicle.
  2. Remove the reflector triangles that are in the boot of your car (if you have them), and place them behind your car.
  3. Raise the bonnet of your car.
  4. Tie a white piece of clothing to the radio antennae of your car to let everyone passing know you need assistance.

If another vehicle does stop to collect you, leave a note on the dashboard of your car regarding who you are leaving with and how to contact you. Additionally, let the towing company know you have left the vehicle. You do not want to put their driver's life in danger if it is not safe to enter the area.

While the first choice is to stay with your car until it can be towed away, if it is not safe to do so, then you need to leave it behind and hope the flames don't get too close. While losing your car in a bushfire would be saddening, it is far better to lose an object than it is to put your own life in danger.


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Back Roads: How Towing Services Can Be A Lifesaver

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